January 30, 2007

Friggin' Awesome Zen Interview

Danny Fisher, an American Buddhist Chaplain, interviews Kobutsu Shindo Kevin Malone, Osho here on his blog.

The whole interview is breathtaking. Any religious leader that isn't afraid to say "fuck" half a dozen times during an interview is worth reading, in my opinion.

This is a man who has been through the shit. This is not some guy with a priviledged life going around telling people to stop being so depressed. He faces things head on, not letting things go just because that's how it's always been.

Here's a great snippet from the interview:

“Be a lamp unto yourself. Figure it out for yourself. Do not rely on outside authority.” Questioning authority is fundamental to the Buddhist path; Buddhism is anarchistic. All of the elites that we have been subservient to for all these years are now destroying the planet, and we simply cannot allow that to happen. The time for that is over.

Seems so counter intuitive - embrace anarchy to make the planet a better place. What do you think?

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