February 7, 2007

The Arguing Buddhist

I saw this post about a Buddhist who is angry with organized religions.

I like Buddhism for its aim for peace, compassion and loving kindness, among other things. But, when we are Buddhist, or any other religion really, and we see something we don't like, whether it be people hurting each other, or the government intruding on our lives, or an organized religion creating suffering in the world - how do we respond? How does one who loves the world and everyone in it, deal with all the things that make people hurt?

It's hard to have loving kindness towards the things that make us hurt.

But that's what Buddhism teaches. And really, many other religions as well. Buddhism doesn't hold a monopoly on acceptance, peace and love.

How do you deal with the suffering of others? How do you keep loving kindness in your heart, and acceptance in your words, while at the same time being honest and forthright towards things that, from a personal perspective, seem wrong and hurtful?

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