February 14, 2007

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Celebrating holidays is a mixed bag for me.

I remember passing out Valentine's Day cards in elementary school, and we had to give cards to everyone in the class so that nobody would be left out. But once we hit a certain age, we weren't made to do it anymore. Then, at some point, giving out cards to people was mockable, unless it was to someone of the opposite sex and we were trying to say, "Would you go with me?"

Then in college, I didn't think to give V-day cards to people, except my current beau. I think my dad might have received a couple cards here and there through my 20's.

And then, at some point, I learned the V-day was a creation of the greeting card industry, like so many holidays have been made into these huge gift-giving, card-buying things by commercialism.

So, for a while, I was completely burned out on card-giving. Some people give up meat, I gave up greeting cards. I couldn't stand the waste of paper, nor the waste of money. I also was annoyed that the whole reason that these cards exist is because of the holiday, which was perpetrated by the greeting card company, etc.

Now, I'm not as offended by cards as I once was. But I generally don't give other people cards. When I receive them, I enjoy the intention of the person giving them to me.

So today I was presented with "what to do" about giving something to hubby. I like giving him things that he enjoys, and and I like showing love to my family. I don't need a holiday to do that. But a holiday is a good time to stop and do a special thing, stare my hubby in the eyes and tell him I love him.

What did I end up doing? I wrote him a poem, and got him a six pack of beer, pistachios, some of his favorite cookies and some altoids (also his fave).

For the kids, I got them some candy. Cuz they ooooooh so love candy.

Today, I feel the love. That's what today is about. Not passing out cards. I don't need to pass cards out to every person I know to feel the love. Passing out cards can be done without a loving heart. And some people use cards to show love, but that's certainly not the only way. There are lots of ways to show love.

To me, Valentine's day is a time to focus a lot more than usual on my love for everyone in my life, and everyone in the world. I don't have to make one gift-giving gesture for that intention to make a difference in the world.

Happy Valentine's day to you all. Happy every day to you all. Peace and Loving Kindness to everyone.

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