February 2, 2007

Prayer and Meditation MeMe

Here's the MeMe callout. If you do this MeMe, please let her know.

1. Do you pray/meditate? Which? How often?

I meditate a few times a week.

2. Why is it that you pray and/or meditate?

To center myself, connect to the universe, allow my naturally strong emotions to emerge without judgement, and to create mindfulness in my everyday life.

3. Is there a place/setting/time in which you are more likely to pray and/or meditate?

I'm more likely to sit at night, when I have the least distraction. I usually sit in my room, where it's quiet, and there's space.

4. Do you use any physical objects to assist your prayer/meditation?

A rolled up towel.

5. Are you most likely to use established prayers/meditations, or to create your own style?

I have created my own style based on several Zen meditation practices I've read about.

6. Are you more likely to pray/meditate alone or in a group?

The only time I've meditated in a group is during Yoga classes. I'm not sure if anyone else is meditating while I do this.

7. Have you ever asked anyone to pray/meditate on your behalf? If yes, and you are comfortable sharing that experience, please do.

No. I feel prayer and meditation are personal.

8. If asked to describe your religious affiliation/practice/ belief, how would you do that?

Zen-ish, but open to new ideas. I grew up Episcopalian.

9. What would you like to say about prayer/meditation that has not been asked here?

I like meditation. I do it because it makes sense to me, not because I think I "should". In a general sense, I think that prayer and meditation are not good or bad inherently, but that they are tools that many people find useful for creating a fulfilled and happy life.

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