February 22, 2007

Should I Go to Church?

What's the meaning of life? Individual life, and collective life?

Spiritual exploration and practice is ultimately the search or acceptance of this meaning.

It seems to me that organized religion can bring meaning to an otherwise meaningless life. But what if one has a really clear view of their meaning? Or at least, is comfortable with where they are, and their addition to the world? Can organized religion add anything?

I've been pondering this. My meditation practice, up until now, has been solo. I've thought about going to the Universal Unitarian church near our house, but it's more of a curiosity, not compelling. I've also thought about driving downtown and sitting with the Buddhists at the temple. But I'd have to do that solo (ie without the children), and if I'm gonna do something solo, that something is either writing or exercise. If I take time to do something else solo, I'm dipping in that writing/exercise time that is already difficult to find.

So, should I go to the Universal Unitarian church and see? Or, if I'm pretty happy with my individual practice, and I"m happy gaining insight and support from my individual friends who I chat with about religion, would going to an organized worship give me anything I don't have?

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MikeC said...

For a long time I felt that one could do one's spiritual practice in private. But I've come to believe that part of who we are are is humans in community, and that we need to do at least some part of our spiritual practice with others. So go chant with the Buddhists or join the U-U's on Sunday morning!