February 20, 2007

Spirituality and Religion via Deepak Chopra

When asked the difference between religion and spirituality, Deepak Chopra says this:

(Spirituality) sees beyond direct cause-and-effect relationships into a larger understanding of the whole web of life and our role in it. And it really has nothing to do with religion, although I do believe that religions were founded on spiritual experience. And then what happens is when you believe somebody else's spiritual experience, then you become religious without having any experience of your own necessarily.

You can find the rest of the interview here.

Although, some of what Deepak says about acquiring wealth and whatnot seems somewhat superficial, I do like his seven spiritual laws, and his take on intention without attachment to the outcome.

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Paul said...

Sounds like a valid point, although people who consider themselves religious as well as spiritual probably wouldn't appreciate her definition of the terms in this way.

But however it's phrased, I think her main point is true. The founders of religions appear to be people who had powerful, first hand spiritual experiences. Those who follow once religious institutions have been established may or may not be spiritual. I think all of us have sometimes encountered clerics who frankly come off as bureaucrats with no particular calling.