February 11, 2007

Spirituality Is Love

What is Spirituality? The Barefoot Bum answers this question.

I like his answer. True spirituality is scary. I means loving everyone and everything. And when we truly love something, we are making ourselves completely vulnerable, but completely powerful at the same time. When we love someone or something, or everything, then we accept everything about it. We don't just love the good things, but the bad things too. And we accept.

That feeling of acceptance, and connectedness to the universe is overwhelming. That feeling like we don't need that universe to give us anything, we don't expect it to love us back, and yet, we still love it, and everything in it - that's one of the most scary things to feel.

I get glimpses of that once in a while, and it makes my heart flutter. But I can't hold on to it very long without it nearly crushing me with its weight. So I love as much as I can, and accept as much as I can. I hope one day, I can love everything, and accept the weight (or is it really weightlessness?) without getting so scared. Or, without running from that fear.

True spirituality does not hate others. It can't be possible to truly love God, the universe, or whatever one feels is the center of spiritual belief, while at the same time hating another. Whatever religion we are, or aren't, spirituality is when we are without burden of social, cultural and psychological binds - when we can see that everyone is connected. Everyone and everything.

Then, like the Barefoot Bum says, "After enlightenment, there is the laundry."

How can one be truly spiritual, and do the laundry?

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