July 11, 2007

8 Things, Slacker!

I've been slacking here, haven't I? I've been posting at my other two blogs. But I was tagged to do an 8 things meme here, so here it goes. Thanks, John, for motivating me to write something.

The guideline for this meme is "list 8 things about yourself, with each being more revealing than the one before." Eek!

1) Have you seen my pic? Well, believe it or not, I used to have hair down to my waist. I used to perm it, wear pigtails, and tweak it out. Finally, after I had my son, I chopped it off. I LOVE my hair short. And I believe that having my hair short not only fits me better, but it has changed me. I have very few regrets in life. But not cutting my hair off earlier is possibly one of them.

2) I have two full-length novels sitting on my hard drive that taunt me everyday - "Let us out!"

3) I am not a "kid" person. Before I met my hubby, I was sure I'd never have them. Even when I was preggers w/my first, I doubted that I would be a good mom. But, something about my hubby and my kids and our family just clicked. And it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I enjoy it more than anything else I've done. I'm still not a "kid" person. Being around children is neutral for me. But there are many children in my life who I love, who aren't my own. I like/love people on an individual basis, not based on their category (ie. age, race, gender, etc.)

4) That said, I generally am better friends with men than with women. I have a few good women friends, but my very close friends in life have almost been exclusively male. It's caused me some trouble. But they have also been friendships that have created/are creating the best memories of my life.

5) I'm a Toastmaster.

6) I have a loud voice. It comes in handy as a toastmaster. And as a mom.

7) I'm not particularly interested in traditional beauty or Hollywood. But something about Keanu, man, he's just the best eye candy. I also love his stoicism and seriousness that only thinly veils his need to break out and be crazy. I don't want to ever meet him, because the idea I have in my head of who he is would be shattered. Johnny Depp is a far second. Johnny is the opposite - so crazy and flaky and enjoying life in a way that only thinly veils his serious side underneath. I don't know if Keanu and Johnny are friends in RL, but I imagine in my little story in my head that they are. See, I could dream about them for days, and be happy. The rest of Hollywood - eh, take it or leave it. I see people all the time around town - well, hubby sees them. I never know who people are. I have probably talked to them and not even known it.

8) And the most revealing thing about me? That's tough... because I have some stuff that would make your eyes pop out! But of course, I don't want to give away my super secrets to the world! So something interesting, but not one of my skeletons...

I can't send an email without re-reading it and editing it 1 - 3 times. (I've read and edited this post 4 times.) Can you say OCD?

Ok, now I'm supposed to tag someone, but, haven't you all been tagged? If you haven't, send me a comment, and I'll tag you.

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JohnR said...

As someone who knows you primarily through your writing, I think your picture suits you. :) Two novels! Someday, I hope to have novels languishing on my hard drive. *sigh*

I promise to only admire Keanu and Johnny from the distance.