November 26, 2007

WWaJD? (What Would a Jedi Do?)

My son, who is 9, is a Star Wars fan. We watch the movies often.

As we were watching The Empire Strikes Back, I was taken aback by the similarities between Jedi-ism and Buddhism.

So I decided to go through the day thinking "What would a Jedi do?". The answers amazed me. How would a Jedi do laundry? Talk to children? Cook a meal? Have a phone conversation? I'm sure they wouldn't bitch and moan. And I'm sure they wouldn't get too upset when things don't go the way they are supposed to. What does a Jedi do when he's sick? I bet he rests.

For some reason, that's much more concrete in my mind than "What would a Buddhist do?" I need to see more movies with Buddhists as the protagonist, I guess.

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Danny Fisher said...

Hey, Tammy:

Are you familiar with this book?: Dharma-Star-Wars-Matthew-Bortolin/dp/0861714970

I think you (and possibly your son) would get a kick out of it.

Best Always,