August 4, 2008

How Many Days Do You Have Left to Live?

If you found out that you only had a week to live, how would you live it? What if you found out that you had 100 days?

This question brings up the zen question of death and life. How can we live our life so we aren't afraid of death? Isn't part of being afraid of death is that we feel like we don't have enough time here, to do whatever it is that we feel we need to be doing? If we lived a full, and present, life, would death be so scary?

Maria contemplates the raw truth of how many days she can realistically expect to live. Having a solid number gives her perspective on how impermanent life is. And instead of brooding on it, she uses that information to inspire her to live a more present life.

It makes me wonder, why we are so resistant to allowing ourselves to live life in the moment? Why is it so compelling to spend so much time in the past, future.. simply escaping?

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JenPB said...

Wow...this is a great question. And I'm certain I'd live my life differently if I knew, but why?! WHY do I allow all these trappings, these distractions to possess me?

What would I do? I wouldn't turn on the computer - nope, not once. I wouldn't go see a movie, or watch TV (we don't have cable anyway). I'd spend all my waking (and sleeping) moments with the loves of my life - my girls and my husband. We'd play games, go to the beach, plant trees, laugh, cry and hold each other.

So why am I on the computer now?