September 27, 2010

Why the Bible (or any other mystical text) Is Like Harry Potter

A friend of mine explained why the Bible is like Harry Potter. I think this can extend out to anything we read, even nonfiction.

"Actually, the parts that can be "proven by recorded history" argument turns out to be bullshit.

The fact that a book can have some historically accurate facts means nothing in terms of proving it's true. For example, let's look at Harry Potter.

A thousand years from now, historians could discover that people really did have cars and radios. They could discover that Britian really had a Prime Minister. They could discover that people really did use the telephone. In fact, the year that Order of the Phoenix would have occurred in, Rowling incorporated the true detail that there was a really bad drought in Britian that summer.

None of these things can establish that Harry Potter is true. This could also be dome with ANY piece of fiction.

The bible is no different from any other piece I'm fiction in this regard. " - Mike Feigen

Will Harry Potter be the deemed penned by the Hand of God two thousand years from now, and J.K. Rowling a prophet?

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Anonymous said...

people who talk about the bible being proven via history and such aren't simply talking about insignificant things like cars, and people and whatever... they're talking about all of the historical written evidence supporting the life and works of Jesus Christ and other relevant information supporting Christianity. Quite the straw man your friend has set up.