February 25, 2007

Law of Potentiality

Deepak Chopra's book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is probably the most famous of all of his many books. I have the seven laws written on 3X5 cards on my desk, and every few days I go through them and think about how or if the laws can help me be more connected and accepting.

The first law is the Law of Potentiality. This law, to me, reminds me why meditation and prayer are so important in my life. Meditation, for me, is practice with allowing my emotions and thoughts without letting them blind me to the infinite possibilities out there.

One of the parts of this law is silence, and space between thoughts. This is difficult to me, since I feel like my head is always full of something going on, even if it's thinking about what I have going on during the day. Counting my breath in meditation, and yoga asanas, brings relative silence to my life and reminds me how connected I am with the universe.

Out of all the laws, this one is the most ephemeral to me. It's also the hardest to practice in my life as a full-time mom to little ones. And when I do practice meditation, its effects are the most subtle and internal.

I think he does a better job explaining the other laws, or maybe this one is just the hardest for me to understand. The other six laws are really potent in my life. When I first read them, it was like dumping a bucket of cold spiritually over my head, and it woke me up.

I'll discuss the next law tomorrow.

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