March 19, 2007

Would We Even Know if Jesus Came Back?

Jesus was a great guy. No matter what we believe in, or don't, the stuff Jesus said (or reported to say if you don't believe) was just plain awesome. His main message was one of love, acceptance and seeing that we're all made of the same stuff.

I wonder though, if he was on earth today, would anybody notice? There seem to be a lot of people spreading similar messages, a lot of people trying to bring peace to the world, yet, what does it amount to?

When religions fight over who is right, and who is reading the correct book in the correct way, and what should be taught in our schools, and all the other stuff - I wonder, if Jesus was standing right in front of us and said, "This is not at all what I taught," would we even notice?

What if, perhaps, Jesus is in all of us? And that his teachings are staring us right in the eyes from our neighbors, friends, and perceived enemies? Perhaps, it doesn't matter what name we give him - Jesus, Buddha, Joe, Jose, Miranda, George - it's all the same - we can choose to be taught peace, love and acceptance by everyone, or we can choose to wave-off the universal message that the world gives us everyday about the way to acceptance and love.

Because, if we choose to allow everyone to teach us the path to peace, if Jesus did appear in front of us, we could learn from him.

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Anonymous said...

You are saying that Jesus said a bunch a cool things. Some of the cool things that he said were: He was the incarnate son of God, He was dead but rose from the dead after defeating the power of sin. He also said that He healed people and cast out deamons. So either He is who He said He is or He is a stark raving nut that you would not want to be quoting. Not much room in the middle, for "he's just a cool guy that said some cool stuff".