March 20, 2007

Meditation with Buddhism

First, Buddhism without meditation, now, meditation without Buddhism.

Funny enough, I find myself nodding my head to both, and identifying with both.

How is that possible? I've been doing some research into quantum physics. Deepak Chopra talks about it in several of his books. And at first, it seems totally unrelated to religion, philosophy and the human condition. But if an atom can exist in two places at once, or if it can be in two parallel universes at once, and that became our understanding of reality, how much easier it would be for us to accept that our own reality can exist right along side someone else's reality even though it seems to be in a totally different plane of existence.


Laume said...

I didn't realize you were a Buddhist Tammy! You might enjoy a book called Buddha Mom. Here's a nice thorough review of it:

Jackie was an old, old friend of mine, back from when our adult children were still babes in our arms. We were in a writer's group together back when her idea for this book was first emerging. Man, time flies!

Laume said...

Two comments for one post - the first comment I thought I was posting to a different post. confused yet? Anyhooo, I love learning about quantum mechanics. I've always thought that it had a lot of commonalities with many spiritual teachings. I like to think of it as science that's reaching so far out that it's coming round full circle to one one can learn by reaching deep within.