March 25, 2007

The Burden of Guilt

I'm a guilt-ful person, and it drags me down. I read a quote today that put it into perspective for me:

Carrying guilt around in our minds is like hiking up a mountain and picking up every rock we stub our toe upon and throwing it in our backpack.

And that's exactly what I do. Throw rocks of guilt on my own back to carry around with me.

My coping mechanism is to not think about the things that make me regret. But, what I want to learn to do, is to look back at those things I did and not be attached to them. Not to have a visceral reaction; not have the instinct to immediately run away.

The blog I got this quote from
suggests meditation. What do you think? Does meditation or prayer help one become accepting, and let go of guilt? Anything you have done in your life, or a perspective you've taken to put the rocks back down, instead of bearing their weight?

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Miko Monkey said...

heh. Dittos. I'm too Catholic for my own damn good. Relief and understanding comes, as usual, from Sinfest I don't know is or ever was Catholic, but he always seems to speak (draw?) directly to my heart & experience. I wish I could become the kind of person who doesn't "do" guilt...