April 3, 2007

Keeping Things Simple

Miko over at Mind on Fire asks some "spiritual spring cleaning" questions.

One of which was, "What can we simplify?"

I love this question. In my life, I practice simplicity for a while, then life sweeps me up, when I'm not paying attention. Suddenly my desk is full, my house is full, my life is full. And it's time to simplify again.

Spring isn't necessarily a time to simplify, but life does happen in waves. Every so often, that wave comes crashing down and I remember - oh ya, simplicity. And I go through all the crap on my desk, delete a bunch of emails I know I'll never get to, clean out my mind of the worries and endless story lines that rev up my emotions but don't solve anything.

Miko reminded me of that. So here I go. Mindwipe - ON! Back to basics. Time to renew again and push forward, into a new, clean physical and mental space.

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