April 28, 2007

Last week I read two books. (I had lots of time to read since Lappy was in the shop for the week.)

The first book was The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. When I started it, I thought, "Well, it's the same stuff I've read with all the other Deepak books." It came highly recommended though from a friend who like similar books as I do, so I kept going. I'm glad I did. I wrote a lot of notes. This isn't a pop-culture book for sure, but it's certainly interesting food for thought. I like how he mixes the meta physical, the spiritual and real science together. Deepak is one smart guy, however you slice it.

The second book was Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. This book shocked the heck out of me. So much of our day to day interactions and processes stem from our unconscious mind. If it didn't, we wouldn't be able to function with all the information we're bombarded with. Also, much of what we do is based on snap decisions that we have no control over. He gives a ton of examples of experiments, studies, life experience and situations that use the unconscious mind to make decisions we aren't even aware that we're making.

I got a couple more books from the library tonight. And Monday is the Library book sale! Woot! 25-50 cents a book. I love the library book sale. Ten dollars gets me a huge stack of books. And gives a little donation to the library. How can it get better than that?