April 18, 2007

Subtle Living

Take a moment to think of the people you know who live with passion, enthusiasm, purpose, never afraid of anything. Then think of the people you know who live a very subtle, non-reactive, accepting life.

Now, think - is there anyone you know who is both?

I think that's what I want to achieve - a marriage between having a pure passion for living, and knowing solidly why I'm here, filled with purpose and meaning, while at the same time, living subtly, accepting the universe as it is and relaxing about things that I have no control over (or, really anything else for that matter).

Is that possible?


Intergalactic Hussy said...

It's the ultimate many want to achieve. And I do think its possible. It just may take time...going back and forth until you figure out that balance.

Mark said...

I know that this is possible! I also know that this is possible for you!

Learning said...

Sounds like a good goal to me, Tammy. I'm right there with you wanting that balance. I think it takes honesty and riding out emotions that can take us for rides as well as letting go when its time, and I'm thinking fear is it's own kind of ride and maybe the main fuel behind other emotions that block our paths, although I know there is a balance with that emotion and instinct. I don't want to be fearless, just to put fear in it's proper perspective. I have a feeling its like when you change your diet to more healthy foods.. you become adapted to the healthier foods and the unhealthier foods become unappealing... you don't pick them up as often over time and you tolerate them less over time... you learn to live without them. The rest is like a smorgesbord? I don't think there are any perfect people out there living perfect lives... although sometimes I fool myself for some reason playing mind games and convince myself it is true. I think it's possble to become more balanced and whole in oneself.