November 5, 2007

Still Sitting

Oh, and I'm still sitting. Just on Tuesdays. 7am is just so early in the morning. I can't do it twice a week. Once a week sitting, and a couple times a month going to church - this is turning out to be a good gentle way to remind me of how much I enjoy spiritual practice and thought. And to remember to not get caught up in all the crap of everyday life. It's all just stuff. Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

I also enjoy having a place where I can actually talk about religion and spirituality and not feel like I'm putting a big target on my forehead. My neighbor also invited me to join her in the next week or two at her weekly spirituality group. She's in a similar place as me - leaning towards the zen of things, yet still very Western and not dogmatic about anything, even zen. So I might join her, if it's not too much time away from the family.

Sitting, thinking, talking, being together. It's all good.

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