January 4, 2008

Ok, A Little Bit of Caffeine

Diet coke is a really hard habit to kick. I don't want soda. I know that I don't want soda. But when I'm out getting a bite, I'm so used to having soda with my food, it's hard to choose something else.

Today, I chose decaf coffee. It was easier to do today because it was so cold, I didn't want to drink a cold soda.

But yesterday, I had a diet coke. I only drank half of it. But the issue is that I couldn't bring myself to order anything else. It's as if my tongue has been permanently impressed with taste of diet coke with food.

So decaf coffee it is. When the weather gets warmer, hopefully I'll have been out of the diet coke habit long enough to be comfortable with drinking cold water instead.

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