January 11, 2008

Why Is Soda So Difficult?

I love food. But making lasting changes in my eating habits is so darn hard.

Going veggie was a slow process. I'm still going through it, as I still crave bacon and hamburgers sometimes.

I also have to really have conviction in why I'm giving up something before I can. I have to literally feel the physical effects of changing my diet for it to stick. Giving up caffeine, isn't working because I haven't noticed a difference. I still feel the same. So, giving up my diet coke is all conjecture of what it might potentially perhaps makes me healthier. I don't feel healthier, I don't feel less tired. And I really enjoy having soda with my meals.

I was able to give up meat because not only do I feel incredibly guilty after eating it, but I also feel kind of crappy. Fish doesn't make me feel either guilty or crappy, so I like eating it instead.

I was able to give up Mcdonalds because it really made me feel like crap. (I do get sucked into eating french fries though once in a while.)

I don't know if I'll ever be able to give up diet coke completely. I need more of an incentive to stop. And I need a habit to replace it with, and water just doesn't do it when it comes to enjoying a meal.

Speaking of food, there's a new fast food joint in New York that is trying to emulate McDonald's. It's called ZenBurger (do you think they got the idea from my blog title?)

What do you think? Is the whole concept flawed? Are "zen" and "fast food" two incompatible concepts?


Karen M. Gibson said...

The caffeine isn't as bad for you as all that corn syrup in your coke. Nasty stuff. I believe we are going to be amazed in twenty years of all the diseases and such that it is causing in us. Not only that, but the increased demand for corn is seriously taxing our environment and our economy. So you are doing your part for the earth by giving up sodas!

Tammy said...


Now, what about diet coke? Maybe I need to watch a show on how artificial sweeteners are used.

Anonymous said...

I understand your struggle. I'm trying to eat less meat and go more vegetarian. But it's not easy. And I love my cappuccino (though decaf). All we can do is keep at it.