February 4, 2013

God Only Loves Those Who Voluntold

If this god does exist, and this is what he told the human race through Jesus, then I don't want to worship this god. He's a bully.

Reminds me of a dysfunctional parent. "I will love you only if you love me first. And you must love me by doing what I say when I say it. And you must also think of me with positive regard. Or you will not longer receive my love or caring."

That message must be an old one, having come from dysfunctional parenting even back in Jesus's time. The Bible in many ways comes directly out of the dysfunctional parent handbook, and then overlays it on a bigger, larger, infinite being.

If there is a god, I imagine him or her to be either benign and want us to succeed as a race and as individuals. Or he/she doesn't really care about us. If she or he is a bully like this, why should we be so willing to comply? We aren't willing to comply to bullies we know in person, are we?

And wouldn't it be tiring and laborious for a god to keep track of who is doing what he/she commands and who isn't?

Like Phill Connors says in Groundhog Day, "Maybe God isn't all knowing and all powerful, he has just been around for a long, long time."

Perhaps so, in which case, he/she knows a lot, and can see a good person from a bad person pretty quickly from experience, I imagine. But unless she/he's a controlling psychopath, I doubt that a creature that's been around that long has an interest in whether people are doing what he/she says. And if that's what's the most important thing on this creature's list, then it's not a being that's good for the human race to worship, just like it's not good for a child to worship a dysfunctional parent.

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