March 24, 2013

It's Easier to Be an Atheist (and More Relaxing)

Today is Palm Sunday. Apparently.

The only reason I know it's Palm Sunday, is Facebook.

The only reason I know next week is Easter, is Google Calendar - and the stores being full of pastel colored candy and baskets.

Many people are preparing for Easter.

We aren't. Easter will come, we'll go outside, like we do on many other days, and enjoy spring.

Easy, and relaxing.

For most holidays, this is how it is (except for Christmas - we're still culturally attached to that one).

When we do celebrate holidays, it's with food, friends, and family. We might do a project if we feel energized and excited about it. If someone is stressed, we slow down and celebrate in a different way. Because celebrations are about life, not about trying to be perfect or satisfy a requirement (social or religious).

Holidays are simply easier, and less stressful, as an atheist. They are what they are supposed to be - fun and joyous.

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