March 20, 2013

Some Myths Are More True - God vs. Big Foot

I had a conversation much like this, this morning. The response wasn't silence. The response was, "But everyone knows that Big Foot isn't real. There is no way to prove the afterlife isn't real."

We have been handed down stories for generations, and we believe the stories. Once you're out, and you don't believe the stories anymore, it all becomes Big Foot.

What replaces it? Nothing in particular. Except now it's time to go out and look for evidence and see what's really going on.

Science doesn't replace religious stories. Science is what's left when we realize the religious stories are all made up. The fog is lifted.

It's hard to hate something that doesn't exist. But when someone really believes that something exists, I can see how it would seem that anyone who doesn't believe the stories "hates" the hero of the story.

Or perhaps they are misunderstanding that it's not the story, or the hero of the story that non-believers "hate", but we "hate" the fact that we are expected to believe, we are insulted because we don't believe, or have to hear the stories and ignore that they are not real in order not to rock the boat. That's perhaps where believers feel the "hate."

There is no way to prove the non-existence of anything. Big Foot seems less real that God because less people believe. The concrete evidence of something not existing is equal for all things that don't exist, despite any claims from the fog.

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