December 15, 2013

Tiny Death Star - information on bugs, features, and updates (including holiday)

Emperor Palpatine wants you to build the death star! And while you're at it, hire some employees and make money.

These are some tidbits about the game that I've discovered along the way, including how to get bucks, how to avoid some bugs, and what's up with the latest versions of the game.


Latest Version: 1.2.2
Last Update: Dec. 20th, 2013

Bugs with this update:

- so far, there have been no reported bugs

Message from the TDS dev team on the TDS FB page:

"For anyone who has experienced the save game issues in Tiny Death Star, the development team is taking the issue very seriously and working on a solution. The latest update has fixes intended to prevent the issue, however we understand it is still occurring for certain players. If you are experiencing this, please contact with a description of what happened, the type of device you have, the version number and your user ID number (both found in the Settings/HELP page in game). We apologize for this situation and are working very hard to resolve this as quickly as we can."

Updates and bug fixes to version 1.2.1

- New decoration bot has been added to the VIPs. It will decorate any floor with holiday cheer. 
- Decoration bot can also be bought with 4 bucks. 
- The first decoration bot is free. 
- After 10 floors, 25 floors, and 35 floors are decorated, you will receive a prize. (I won't tell you what it is, finding out is the fun!)
- After 35 floors, the prize is 1 buck per floor decorated. 
- Darth Vader has more quests.
- Bitizens with a ? can be delivered to any floor. These bitizens pay double what they normally would in tips.
- Bitizens no longer ask to go to negative floors.


General bugs and issues: 

- Emperor Palpatine's quest of "Move in 30 bitizens" does not work
- For the Emperor's quest of "Build any 1 level", it does not work to build a food level. (fixed)
- You can not make a bitizen "unemployed" if all of the shop levels are filled. If the shops are full with workers, you must evict a bitizen who is working at one of the shops before you can make another bitizen unemployed. (fixed)
- The fastest elevator sometimes gets stuck. To fix this, remove Tiny Death Star from the active programs list and restart. 
- Game sometimes freezes when on a non-tower screen (such as the bitizen screen or the quest screen). To fix this, remove TDS from the active programs list and restart.
- Darth Vader wants the "communications" level to be built out of order. Communications is one of the last levels to be built when a specific level is not requested. When you get this quest, spend the bucks to build this level to avoid skipping these quests. There are limited quests, so don't skip any of Vader's quests if possible.

Tips and tricks:

- To gain bucks, put bitizens into their dream job. If a store already has 3 bitizens working their dream job, make one unemployed, put in the new bitizen, then evict the bitizen and put back the original bitizen. 
- Darth Vader's quests are variable. When the imperial levels are moved around, the quests change. The quests are based on level location, not name. If the first item on the quest list is from the imperial level in slot #3, and if another level is moved into the 3rd position, the quest will change to ask for those items. This can be used to either make the quests easier to get them done or harder to get bigger rewards. 
- There are a limited number of Darth Vader quests. The rewards for these quests are much better than the Emperor's quests. Don't skip any of these quests if possible. 
- The last elevator is 499 bucks. Its not worth it. It is too fast to be able to aim for the imperial levels, and is buggy. Use those bucks to upgrade levels. 
- Level upgrades increase stock by 10%. Use bucks to do the early upgrades of a level (1-5) and use upgraded bots only on level that are 6+. 
- Bitizens that work at their dream job double the production of a shop. 
- Bitizens with higher levels in a category decrease the time slightly of how long it takes to produce. The effect is accumulative in each shop. 
- There is a bug/feature that if you send a worker to an imperial level to decrease construction time by 3 hours, it actually decreases it by 6 hours. 
- To fulfill the "move any 1 level" quest, a level doesn't actually have to be moved, just get to the level moving screen, then cancel. That fulfills the quest. 
- Workers can decrease production time as well. If you have something being produced in a shop or in the imperial level, the worker will decrease that time by 3 hours. 
- When looking for bitizens in the "search for" or "rebel spy" quests, they sometimes hide to the "right" of the room, where they can't be seen. There is no penalty for choosing the wrong floor and no time limit. If the bitizen can't be found, select every floor until the right one is selected. 
- The "search for" and "rebel spy" quests are always on the top levels, never in imperial levels. And, they can be in any construction level on the top half of the death star as well. 
- Any bitizen with any level marker can be delivered to any imperial level.

List of scenes and how to unlock them.

Another source for which characters unlock the various scenes.

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