October 7, 2007

One Man's Blasphemy Is Another Man's Sacred

John at MindOnFire talks about blasphemy. What is it really?

His observation of what is Buddhist blasphemy is something that attracted me to Buddhism in the first place - although I had no idea that was the case until he put it so succinctly. In Buddhism, to assume we know the truth, and that we are 'right', and to follow blindly one teaching.. all that.. is a form of blasphemy. It goes against the philosophy of what Buddhism is.

For this, I was Buddhist before I ever heard about it. I'm not Buddhist. Buddhism describes really well who I already am. Zen in particular hits the mark for me.

So, am I being blasphemous if I don't do things à la Buddhism, or am I just being me?

What is blasphemy really, and is it really bad?

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